Shop – The Fortunes Teller’s Yarn (Destiny F*cks with Milo)

Falling in love is confusing, right? It sure is for Milo, and destiny has a big part to play in his confusion and woes…

The fortune teller’s yarn follows Milo and his pursuit of love from first sight to the (bitter) end, all squeezed into 17 and a bit poems.

This is what others have said about The Fortune Teller’s Yarn

Beaney’s images are a delightful conglomeration of unexpected language, speed bumps that will stop your mind. The poems in this book are brilliantly arranged around Milo, who dances with destiny through connected rooms towards death. You won’t regret joining the dance. Nolcha Fox (My Father’s Ghost Hates Cats)

Darren J Beaney’s The Fortune Teller’s Yarn revels in the magic of metaphor as it takes us trough teh mind and heart of masculine-of-center yearning. This collection, steeped in candid vulberability, invites teh reader on a journey of interpretation and internalisation. Milo’s tender anxiety resonates with just about anyone who’s ever needed romantic love. This brand of hero decisively pokers up and sucks the calcifying toxins from Masculinity. Chris Courtney Martin (Book of I.P.: Idea Poems)

The inevitable countdown to ten slows down to a mere crawl before lift off as Milo prepares to meet destiny. This poetic novella spanning the impossible dimensions of time and space is a worthy adventure in the depths of night. Tim Heerdink (Contemplating the End of Insomnia While Inside a Postmodern Mausoleum)


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