I have had six poems published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press, three published electronically and three have appeared in printed anthologies (Postcards from the HedgeWishing You Were There, The House in the Forest).

My poems Fallen Hells Angel and Red Night were both reproduced as posters for the Poetry from Art project and displayed at Shoreham by Sea railway station during Shoreham Wordfest 2018.

My poem One Green Bottle was published electronically by Four Parts Press in 2019.

My poem – Is There Life After Death? was printed in For The Silent – an anthology in support of the League Against Cruel Sports, published by Indigo Dreams in 2019.

My poem – Sugarland was highly commended in the PENfro Book Festival Poetry Competition 2019 and appeared in the anthology Heartland published by Parthian Books in October 2019.

My poem – No Longer Beating was highly commended in the 2020 Brian Dempsey Memorial Competition and appeared in the What the Moon was Told anthology published by Dempsey & Windle in March 2020.

I had a Covid 19 Haiku published by Poetry NI in a e-booklet anthology – Covidioms  

In October 2020 I was shortlisted for the Write Bloody UK full collection competition.

In December 2020 my poem History Lesson was published in The Thatcher Issue of The Angry Manifesto

My poem English Scheme was published in the The Journal #62, January 2021.

My poems Love Is... and What is Love? were published by City Limits Publishing (USA) in Through Loving Words: Volume 1 A New Love Blooms and Through Loving Words: Volume 2 ‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost

My poems Two Steps Back, A Figure Walks, Dice Man, Psykick Dancehall and Choc-Stock were published by Punk Noir Magazine, May 2021.

My poems Rain, Speed and Steam (After Turner), The Very Special Teacher and Instructions for the Portrait Artist were published by Impspired Magazine, June 2021.

My poem Are you a Young Person was published The Morning Star, June 2021.

My poem It’s the New Thing was published by Sledgehammer Lit, June 2021.

My poem Eric Blair got Misplaced was published by Runcible Spoon, August 2021.

My poems Streets of Hong Kong, Negotiating the Island by Tramway and View of the Mainland were published by Impspired Magazine, October 2021.

My poem Put Away was published by Sledgehammer Lit, November 2021.

My poems I remember a few things from infants, School dinners urgh… and Leaving school were published by Impspired Magazine, August 2022.

My poems Summer hols and Destruction were published by Spare Parts Lit, August 2022.

My poem Storm, Sunday 29th July (Seaside Holiday Poems) was published in the inaugural issue of The Storms, August 2022.

My Poem Are deeply held beliefs really red, white, and blue was published by Unlikely Stories Mark V, September 2022.

My mini collection – Honey Dew was amongst the winners of the Nicely Folded Paper Competition run by The Hedgehog Poetry Press and was published as a pamphlet in December 2020.

My second mini collection – The Machinery of Life was published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press as a pamphlet in July 2021.

My third mini collection – The Fortune Teller’s Yarn (Destiny Fucks with Milo) was published by Alien Buddha Press as a chapbook in July 2022.