Flight of the Dragonfly

We had a great night on Zoom last night. I think it was our fifth excursion in the virtual world, exactly one year since our last event in a pub in Brighton.

We were joined by a great bunch of readers and actually overran. We had a lot of new voices on show and some huge talent, we hope to see them all again. We were also joined by a lovely bunch of listeners, who really seemed to enjoy what they heard.

The night was rounded off by our wonderful guest reader – Damien B Donnelly who bought pancakes and wowed the crowd with his magical words. He finished things off with a wonderful rendition of his published flash fiction about an excursion to Aldi with his mother – fabulous and he bought the house down!

Barbara and I have decided to move from b-monthly to every 6 weeks. Our next date is 30th March (more details to follow) and we will have two guest readers – Sue Burge and Simon Maddrell, I can’t wait!

How many t-shirts?

I wondered how many t-shirts do I actually have?  To find out I’ll wear a different one everyday, take a picture, post it. I’ll try to keep going until I get through them all. I am not sure if any one is as interested in this question as I am – but hey! What ever…

Today is day 23 which means it is t-shirt 23… And here it is.

Would you look at that –

it is a Flight of Dragonflies t-shirt.

And it just so happens that we have our latest instalment of Flight of the Dragonfly tonight.

Once again we will be taking flight on Zoom.

All the reader slots are full and we have a wonderful guest poet Damien B Donnelly – you can find out more about Dami here

There are still some “seats” available to join us and to listen to some fantastic words.

Click here to join us

How many t-shirts?

How many t-shirts do I own.

Let’s catalogue them all, one day at a time until I have worn them all.
Number 9 – yes it is another Eastfield t-shirt, yes it is a design already seen but this one is navy with a different colour print.
So – that makes 9 Eastfield t-shirts!
What will tomorrow bring?

The last of my Eastfield t-shirts…

Poetry submissions

I am going for it with my poetry submissions this year.

So far there are 3 pamphlets with different publishers (still waiting to hear back).

7 poems have been entered in competitions (no results – but two are going to be published by City Limits Publishing in the USA).

12 to journals (5 rejected, 1 accepted and printed in The Journal, 6 no news yet).

I will update as I hear more on each submission.

A poem:


You have to feel for February, the runt 

of Gregorian’s litter. Some way short of second best. 

Full of winter gloom. Feasting 

off lingering hangovers 

cast from late December festive frolics 

& midnight parties to celebrate

resolute sky-high hopes. 

Who enjoys Kale-monath?     

By the time it rolls round 

winter’s discontent 

has got way, way too comfy.  

Solmonath    (the mud month)     has little to offer

as the prospect of March 

hovers over the horizon, tantalising 

with spring in its step 

& the promise to fetch longer days.

Cosy cherubs cast a vote for February 

as their most desired month. Not an attractive proposal, 

unless           you’re a lover.

Because even the most affectionate of dates 

may exaggerate the disdain experienced 

when the postie delivers heartache 

instead of cards from Cupid.

How many t-shirts?

How many t-shirts do I own?

The long winded way to find out is to wear a different one every day and show anyone silly enough to take notice…

DAY EIGHT, t-shirt 8

A different colour of a design previously seen, featuring a band that I might like…